Daniel Strauss

About Daniel

Venture capital entrepreneur, international speaker, and best-selling author.

Daniel is a family man and an entrepreneur who invests in other entrepreneurs.

His first book, The Billionaire Mindset, became the number one South African book during April 2021, earning him the title of Best-Selling Author based on Nielsen official sales data.

He went through a time in his life when he was lost. Even though he had an Engineering degree as well as an MBA, he couldn’t find a job and felt like a failure. 

Daniel’s major breakthrough happened when he attended a 3-day seminar in South East Asia at the age of 29. He learned life-changing personal growth, financial and business secrets. 

This is one of the reasons why he is so passionate about The Business Growth Blueprint  seminar, as he knows the power of seminars and breakthroughs first-hand.

Together with his business partners, he has invested in more than 80 private companies.

One of these companies grew in value from R26 million to more than R1.2 billion over 24 months.

He has been around the block and following numerous requests, has decided to share these secrets with you.

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