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Family man, venture capital entrepreneur, international speaker, and best-selling author of “The Billionaire Mindset” and “The Billionaire Career”.

About Daniel

Daniel is an extraordinary individual who has profoundly impacted the world of entrepreneurship and investment. With a background in Industrial Engineering, an MBA from one of South Africa’s top universities, and over 10 years of hands-on investment experience, he has become a leading voice in the South African business ecosystem, investing in over 80 private companies.

Over the years, he has had his share of failures and successes and now aims to inspire and empower others by sharing his knowledge and wisdom on personal and business growth, hoping to provide you with the insights you need to increase your chances of success.

From small-town paper boy to venture capital entrepreneur, international speaker and best-selling author of ‘The Billionaire Mindset’ and ‘The Billionaire Career’, Daniel Strauss is the man crazy enough to believe that we can double the GDP of South Africa in the next 10 years by helping entrepreneurs unlock their full potential.

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Daniel Strauss hosts regular seminars for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and venture capital investors who want to raise their level of thinking and take the next step toward business and personal growth.

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What sets the rich apart from ‘normal people’? A mindset. In The Billionaire Mindset, Daniel Strauss, the Strauss in the investment firm Stocks & Strauss, and a highly successful venture capitalist explains how to adopt this life-changing new mindset. He shares his secrets of success, including how to access capital, where to find the right people to help you reach your goals, and explains how to free your mind from self-imposed limitations, so that you can also think like a billionaire.


Christoff Pienaar ​

"Daniel can zone in on what is important immediately. In my interactions with Daniel, I can communicate my objectives and expectations clearly. I have been working with Daniel for over 7 years now and we share similar values. This is testimony that a shared set of values build good business relationships.”

Attorney, Partner At Webber Wentzel

Simon Travers

“Daniel manages to perfectly strike the hard balance between being good-natured and friendly with an ability to ask the hard questions and get to the heart of the matter at hand. Because of Daniel I now communicate better and say what I mean! I admire Daniel’s integrity. In every interaction I have with Daniel, I know that it is built first and foremost on a foundation of honesty and respect.”

Ceo, Hyrax Biosciences

Jacomien de Wet

“Daniel Strauss, a shareholder in our company, has probably been the most important mentor and example in business during an extremely crucial time in my life. I have learnt so many things from him that I apply daily, and that has made all the difference.”​

Managing Director, Inhoud Huis Musiek & Inhoco Music Publishing

Christiaan van Waart​

“Daniel’s willingness to share credible knowledge about business, ideas and the future is truly admirable. He is also an extremely selfless person, who is always willing to help others develop. He is a hardworking, energetic individual who never shies away from challenges. He embraces innovation and thrives in situations where there is a possibility to push industry limits.”

Entrepreneur, Investor & Management Accountant

Johan Vorster

"Through the years I got a little bit of insight into how Daniel could predict things to come with such accuracy. He studies the behaviour of people and statistics, like I have never seen anyone do before. He views the past as a window to the future. He accumulates as much information as possible and then he makes a call based on the most likely outcome. Many business men and leaders do this, but the difference with him compared to others is that he’s seldom wrong.”

Creative Director & head of A&R of Inhoud Huis Music, South Africa

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Daniel Strauss hosts regular seminars for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and venture capital investors who want to raise their level of thinking and take the next step toward business and personal growth.

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