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Business Growth Blueprint

The ultimate 2-Day Seminar with Daniel Strauss

Calling entrepreneurs looking to grow their business on their terms…

After the intensive 2-Day Business Growth Blueprint Seminar, you will walk away with the ultimate Business Growth Blueprint used by successful entrepreneurs to achieve significant business success on their own terms.

August 2024


Asara Wine Estate & Hotel, 



16 August 2024, 08:30 till 18:00

17 August 2024, 08:30 till 18:00


R 6997,00

“I know from first-hand experience, that building and growing a successful business is no easy task. That is why I’ve gone the extra mile to create the ultimate Business Growth Blueprint by simplifying years of research, testing, trial and error in the real world, into an intensive 2-day seminar. I have done the heavy lifting for you so you can simply attend, discover, and apply my Business Growth Blueprint to your business.”

Daniel Strauss

Venture capital entrepreneur, international speaker, and best-selling author.

Torsten van Oort

"In one sentence, Daniel Strauss is a business visionary and leading entrepreneur developer. What I have learned from Daniel is positivity, outlook, perception, and goals. What I learned at The Billionaire Mindset Seminar is - ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE."

Digital Marketing Manager

Noleen Samuels​​

"What a privilege and honour to have crossed paths with Daniel Strauss. He has an amazing mentor. He freely shares his wisdom and knowledge while making it relatable and easy to understand. I've been challenged, I've been stretched, my mind has been shifted, and my thinking has gone up a couple of levels. You can see his heart for South Africa and entrepreneurs. I'm grateful to be on the receiving end of an amazing mentor and passionate visionary like Daniel."

Founder of Biocure

Chanel van Sittert

"Attending Daniel's seminar was an enlightening experience that showcased his immense passion for nurturing future leaders and his profound knowledge of the business world. His ability to distil complex concepts into actionable insights leaving me energized and inspired. His dedication to empowering entrepreneurs was palpable, leaving a lasting impact on my approach to business and personal growth."

Manager at RevitaHealth

If you want to grow a massive company and create generational wealth through shareholder value, great, there’s a framework for that. If you want to have more free time and a work-life balance with a focus on cash flow to meet the short-term needs of your family, great, there’s a framework for that as well. The most important lesson is that the rules are different for different types of businesses. Daniel developed the ultimate Business Growth Blueprint to guide you to business success.

Whatever your business goals are,
there is a way.

Entrepreneurs often face the challenge of lacking clarity about their business

It might even feel like your business is a soup in your head. For you to gain more clarity you need a certain mindset and look at your business through certain frameworks. These frameworks are often kept secret, and are rarely shared with entrepreneurs.

Are you ready to discover the things they won’t even teach you in business school?

Magriet Groenewald

"What I admire most about Daniel is his honesty. He shows you the successes and the failures, so you don't have to go through those failures yourself. The way he does it with so much compassion and understanding towards entrepreneurs is something that's really meaningful to me. Daniel has the ability to make you believe that anything is possible."

Social Media Educator

A sneak peak inside the Business Growth Blueprint Seminar

Who is this for

Daniel hosts his 2-day Business Growth Blueprint seminar for entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to take the next step towards true business success on their own terms.

What you will get

What to expect

During this immersive 2-day seminar, you will discover the ultimate Business Growth Blueprint to light the way to business success on your own terms. From Solo Entrepreneurship to Market Leadership, Daniel will guide you through:

Joanie​ Viviers Rossouw​

"The past few days have been that eureka moment of gaining clarity about where you are in your business currently and where you want to go. I am privileged to call Daniel a friend and a mentor and I just love him for his big heart, his heart for entrepreneurship and his love for the South African Economy."

Founder of The Finance Man

Anelle Scheepers

"Daniel is a big-hearted mentor. Every time I attend a seminar of his, I learn new methods, new mindsets, and principles that I can implement in my own business. I’ve experienced tremendous personal growth since I started attending Daniel’s seminars."

Founder,Assured & Tailored

This life-changing seminar is valued at a minimum of

R75 000!

If all this did was get you out of the rat race, grow your valuation up to 3 fold within a few months or allow you to spend an extra hour with your loved ones as a result of a more successful business… 

Would it be worth it?

Daniel had two options

To only walk the road with businesses he has invested in, one-on-one as he has been doing for over 10 years,


Share these secrets, methods and blueprints that changed his own as well as countless entrepreneurs’ lives with more people, but still in an intimate, personal environment?

He decided to share his Business Growth Blueprint with as many entrepreneurs as possible and that is why he is hosting this 2-day seminar for only R6997!

Discover and leverage on the ultimate Business Growth Blueprint to grow your type of business the right way by following the simplest and most clear breakdown of how to deploy Daniel Strauss’ proven systems in this immersive 2-day Seminar.

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